The CDA Competency Management System has now reached end of life, and will be shut down on September 18th 2019.

If you wish to obtain a copy of any content or assessments you may hold in the system, you must do so before this date. Once shut down, all data held within the CMS will be securely erased, and will not be recoverable under any circumstances.

You may obtain copies of your Competency Profile and Summary as follows:

  1. Login, and cick Assess link on the navigation bar.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom right of the page to access two PDF download reports:
    1. Competency Profile:
      • If desired, anonymise verifiers in PDF by ticking the Anonymise verifier option.
      • Select which Frameworks to include in the PDF (Geophysical Data Management and/or Well Data Management)
      • Competency Profile report returns a list of all in-scope assessed competencies, the competency and the assessed level descriptions.
    2. Competency Summary: 
      • Competency Summary report returns a competency grid of all assessed competencies and their assessed level, but no competency/competency level descriptions.

Competencies within the petroleum data management discipline, and the creation of new competency matrices for recently established roles (e.g. data scientist, data engineer, etc.) will be reviewed and progressed by the Society for Petroleum Data Managers over the coming months. More information on the Society is available from their website:

If you would be interested in contributing to this work, please contact CDA at for more information.

CDA Videos Highlight Petroleum Data Management Careers

25th July 2018

CDA has launched a series of short videos featuring petroleum data management professionals, aimed at highlighting the diversity and attraction of a career in this discipline.
Petroleum data managers play a crucial role in the industry, supporting cost effective exploration, development, production, and decommissioning of oilfield infrastructure through effective management of data. The videos are part of a CDA’s campaign, supported by industry and academic partners, to establish Petroleum Data Management as a recognised professional discipline.

Watch the videos on CDA’s website

Award win for CDA

15th December 2017

Common Data Access (CDA) is celebrating today after scooping a win at last night’s (December 14) UK Association Awards Ceremony in Manchester.

CDA – a subsidiary of Oil & Gas UK – won the Best eLearning/Online Education award for its innovative Graduate Certificate in Petroleum Data Management.

The online course – the first of its kind – is designed to be studied anywhere in the world while working full-time. The course is part of a collaborative programme led and funded by CDA and delivered by Robert Gordon University (RGU) in Aberdeen to establish Petroleum Data Management (PDM) as a recognised professional discipline.

CDA Chief Executive Malcolm Fleming said: “We are absolutely delighted that our course has been recognised by this award.

“This course is a result of a fantastic collaborative effort between the oil and gas industry and our academic partner the Robert Gordon University. We are extremely grateful for the time and expertise contributed by everyone involved, and to their respective companies for the support. The valuable input we’ve received from so many key industry specialists to create the course will help ensure it delivers a generation of academically-qualified data managers that meets the needs of our membership and the wider industry.

“The course is a very significant step towards the recognition of petroleum data management as a professional discipline – it increases the status and standing of the individuals in the profession, providing for the first time, a benchmark for professional development and recruitment. Professionalised PDM will help achieve operational success through increasingly professional data management which could ultimately help operators and their partners maximise economic recovery and extend field life.”

Jo Royle, Head of the School of Creative and Cultural Business at RGU, added: “RGU is thrilled to see CDA gaining recognition for their support in bringing this course to life. The emergence and development of any new profession relies on pioneering individuals and organisations giving of their passion, expertise and resources. CDA and its members are such pioneers. From their initial approach to RGU, through a multitude of development stages, CDA and its members were committed and determined to deliver this course to an incredibly high standard. We are proud of our shared achievement and look forward to supporting this vital profession as it continues to mature.”

CDA and RGU Celebrate Inaugural Data Management Graduates

14th July 2017

A successful partnership between CDA and the Robert Gordon University (RGU) has delivered the very first graduates in Petroleum Data Management. Fourteen students from across the globe, including Brazil, Ghana and the Netherlands, were awarded a Graduate Certificate in Petroleum Data Management from RGU at its summer graduation ceremony yesterday.

The course was developed to meet industry demand for practitioners skilled in managing the geological and geophysical data vital to the sector’s operations. Comprising four modules covering all aspects of the subsurface exploration and production lifecycle, the course supports CDA’s wider agenda for the professionalisation of data management, enabling geoscientists and engineers to deliver more timely decisions with greater accuracy.

CDA Chief Executive Malcolm Fleming, said:

“The value generated by exploration and production activities relies on accurate information, the key to which is a high quality of data management.

“Staff armed with the knowledge and competencies to drive the best value from data will play a key role in supporting critical business activities, decisions and ultimately successful operations.”

The course was designed with significant input from across industry, providing an entry point to a recognised discipline and career path. Applications are now open for the next student intake in September 2017, for which CDA is offering two fully funded scholarship places.

Jo Royle, Head of the School of Creative and Cultural Business, said:

“We have been delighted with the success of the first cohort of the Graduate Certificate Petroleum Data Management.  Feedback tells us that the course has been well received by students and employers.”

Kerry Blinston, Global Commercial Director, Data Management Services, CGG, said:

“As a global exploration and production data services and solutions provider, we welcome this new professional qualification that teaches the value of petroleum data management to upstream oil and gas businesses.

“Several members of our team have reported enjoying the course and appreciating its convenient online delivery that helps to balance work and study. We are already beginning to see how they benefit from the knowledge they have gained to better understand our customers’ needs and this can translate into real business value on all sides.

“We plan to encourage other team members to participate in the next iteration of this successful and beneficial course.”


Graduate Certificate Petroleum Data Management course details

2017/18 Scholarship details

Feedback Request

24th March 2017

In order to continue improving our system and to attract an increasing number of Data Management professionals, we would appreciate if you would send us your experiences of using the system and any ideas you have to improve it.

You can contact us at

Thank you for your support.

French Translation Completed

14th October 2016

CDA est heureux d'annoncer que la traduction complète du site CMS en Français est achevée.

Toutes les sections et grilles de compétences sont maintenant  disponibles en Anglais ou en Français - le choix de la langue peut être fait en haut à droite de la page de connexion ou sous votre profil une fois connecté.

CDA is delighted to announce that the full translation of the CMS site to French has now been fully implemented.

All sections and competency maps are now available both in French and English, the language option can be toggled at the top right of the login page or under your profile tab when logged in.

Aberdeen University to offer new Petroleum Data Management MSc

13th October 2016

The University of Aberdeen is teaming up with key players from the UK oil and gas industry to offer a new Masters degree in Petroleum Data Management.

The degree will address a growing skills demand from the sector for professional petroleum data managers, possessing expertise recognised in the Wood Review as critical to maximising economic recovery of significant remaining resources from the UK Continental Shelf.

The MSc programme has been set up through an agreement between the University and CDA, and will be sponsored by leading multinationals including Shell, Total and Chevron.

Currently under development, the MSc will be delivered on a multi-disciplinary basis across the departments of Geography, Geology, Computing Science and Law.  Among the subjects that will be covered include data governance, data quality management, information security management, and service and project management.

The programme will launch next year on a part-time basis, with distance learning and full-time options to follow in 2018.

Programme coordinator Professor Judith Masthoff said: “Data management is vitally important to the oil and gas sector and the demand for skills in this area has led to the creation of this Masters programme, set up through an agreement with CDA and our sponsors.

The course content is being developed with input from our industrial partners to ensure the programme is tailored to the needs of industry.  This will provide graduates with job-ready expertise that will allow them to meet a growing demand for skills in this area.”

Danny Bush, Unit Manager Subsurface Workflows, Chevron Energy Technology Company, said: Good data management is key to unlocking the real value of technical and analytical applications. As an industry we are experiencing a tremendous growth in data and to manage it successfully we will need a pipeline of talent with strong earth science and engineering skills. The Masters programme at Aberdeen University, as well as other strategically located programs, will enable the next generation of skilled data managers to advance their careers in the oil and gas industry.”

George Rorie, Operational Lead for Technical Data Management, Shell said: “We are delighted to support the development of the Petroleum Data Management MSc from Aberdeen University.   Shell recognises technical information and data as a discipline within our company, and we play an active role in promoting the professionalisation of these skills across the industry.   Courses such as this provide a strong academic foundation for the data management professionals that we need today and in the future.”

On behalf of Total E&P UK, Olivier Mairal, Senior Data Management Advisor, said: “The exponential growth of data volumes and available information has made data management, data architecture, data analysis and geomatics cornerstones in the exploration and production industry. Total has recognised geoinformation as a key discipline to support these trends and skilled and talented people are necessary to fulfil these challenging tasks.

Total fully supports the Petroleum Data Management Master programme at the University of Aberdeen that will allow the next generation of data managers to build on existing skills to develop the expertise required for future career development.”

CDA Scholarships for Petroleum Data Management Course

30th August 2016

CDA is delighted to announce its commitment to provide four fully funded scholarship places for the newly launched, pioneering petroleum data management course being delivered by Robert Gordon University (RGU).

Commencing in late September, the Graduate Certificate Petroleum Data Management has been developed in partnership with CDA, and will promote the understanding of subsurface exploration and production data management, recognising its importance to upstream oil and gas businesses.

RGU welcomed the scholarships, noting that individuals completing the course will gain an accredited qualification providing new entrants with a direct route into the profession, and presenting a career development opportunity for existing practitioners.

Malcolm Fleming, CDA Chief Executive, said:
“The value generated by exploration and production activities relies on accurate information, the key to which is a high quality of data management. It is therefore crucial that the industry recognises the importance of promoting the professionalisation of petroleum data managers.
“It is all the more apparent in the current economic environment that a high quality data management function underpins efforts to reduce risk, meet regulatory compliance, and increase exploration and production success”.

The CDA Scholarships will be available for the academic year 2016/17, open to any student worldwide who has been accepted onto the Graduate Certificate Petroleum Data Management course, and who is in genuine financial need.

An awarding panel made up of representatives from RGU and CDA will assess applications, awarding two scholarships based on academic merit to new entrants to the industry, and two scholarships based on employment history and career development to those with industry experience.

The closing date for applications is 31st August 2016.

Scholarship and application details
Graduate Certificate Petroleum Data Management course details

Queries can be directed to Terry Alexander

CDA & RGU Launch New Petroleum Data Management Course

8th August 2016

Robert Gordon University and CDA today launched a Graduate Certificate in Petroleum Data Management. This pioneering course has been developed with the support of a broad, cross-industry steering group led by CDA, to promote the understanding of subsurface exploration and production data management, and to progress the recognition of its importance to upstream oil and gas businesses.

The event took place at the RGU campus in Aberdeen, and was well attended by representatives from oil and gas operators and service providers, academia, prospective students, and the OGA. Jeremy Cresswell, Energy Editor at the Press and Journal hosted the proceedings.

Malcolm Fleming, Chief Executive of CDA, gave a keynote address on the value of petroleum data management, followed by Simon James, OGA Chief Information Officer, who presented on the contribution of well managed data to the UKCS. Professor Simon Burnett of RGU’s Aberdeen Business School spoke about new frontiers in Information Management, and Professor Rita Marcella, Dean of Aberdeen Business School, gave a final address on the benefits of industry and academic collaboration. The programme ended with a panel Q&A session.

The course will be available from September, and will be delivered fully online over four modules.
More information and application details are available at the course website.

Find out more about CDA’s professional development initiatives.

French Translation

16th March 2016

The work to translate the CDA CMS into French is nearing completion. From June the full website will be available in French.

Watch this space for the latest news.

CDA’s Competency Management System Enhancement Announcement 

3rd February 2015

Common Data Access Limited (CDA) is proud to announce some exciting new enhancements to the E&P Petroleum Data Management Competency Management System.

The system now enables you to map job profiles to Well and Seismic data management competency matrices – of particular use in recruitment, and in identifying areas for professional development towards target job roles.

Please note that this new functionality is only available to CDA members (based on email domain). If you can’t see this feature but think you should be able to then please check the email domain you used to register (must be your work email address) or email

The CMS also enables you to invite specific individuals to view your profile - ideal when job hunting or when benchmarking your profile against your data management team.

Other changes include newly cleaned up ‘Help’ and ‘About’ sections, and a new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area - all conveniently found under the ‘Help’ tab.

CDA’s Competency Management System Pre-enhancement Announcement

12th December 2014

Common Data Access (CDA) is proud to announce two exciting new enhancements to the E&P data management competency management system.

This entirely free system will soon offer the functionality to map job profiles in the system. This could have applications in both the recruitment and CPD business areas.

The CMS will also be offering the ability to invite specific individuals to view your profile, ideal when job hunting or benchmarking your data management team.

More information will follow when the enhancements go live in early January.

CMS Enhancements

8th August 2014

CDA is proud to announce that, after several work group meetings and focus groups, we are in the final stages of upgrading the CMS portal with the following enhancements:

  • Job Profile Creation: This feature will allow entitled users to map job roles to the competency maps. This feature is aimed at recruitment, allowing recruiters and hiring companies to use the CMS to assess the suitability of potential candidates. This feature will initially be available to CDA members and affiliates only; we hope to open this feature up to everyone in the future. There will be some generic profiles created by CDA e.g. “Data Analyst” based on current data in the portal and data drawn from operator competency frameworks. These can be used by CDA members and affiliates.

  • The second enhancement is the addition of a “Guest Token” system. This will allow users to send out a token which will allow the recipient to view their profile. The user can see how many times the token has been used to view their profile and can revoke it at any point.

  • Finally, we will be reviewing the information in the “About” and “Help” sections of the website and also adding an “FAQ” section. There has been feedback of confusion as to what the CMS’ purpose is and this review should clear up any ambiguity.

This is the start of an on-going enhancement program for the CMS, there will be further updates once these features go live as well as when new enhancements have been sanctioned.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at Alternatively, Terry Alexander will be doing a presentation on the CMS at ECIM in Haugesund on the 17th September which will cover a case study of the enhancements as well as ideas for future development.

CMS Development

8th April 2014

As part of the ongoing CMS development we require more information on our user base. We would use these details to develop job role profiles which in turn will allow us to develop several other key features such as:

  • Skill Gap Analysis
  • Individual Development Plans
  • Career Browsing

We would therefore be very grateful if you could fill in the “My Details” tab of you competency profile. We are particularly interested in the Job Title field as this will be the basis for several of our development features.

This information will, of course, be kept strictly confidential and will be used anonymously to produce generic Job Profiles.

CMS Development

10th March 2014

CDA is looking to develop more features within the CMS including:

  • Job Roles/Matching
  • Skill Gap Analysis
  • Individual Development Plans
  • Career Browsing
  • Interview Guide Builder
  • Competency Survey Tool

You may notice some changes to the CMS in the coming months to accommodate these developments but we will keep you updated through this newsfeed, so watch this space!

Launch News and Feedback

19th December 2013

The CDA Competency Management System has had a very successful launch with almost 150 users in the first month.

In order to continue improving our system and to attract an increasing number of Data Management professionals, we would appreciate if you would send us your experiences of using the system and any ideas you have to improve it. You can contact us at Thank you for your support.

From all of us at CDA, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

New Competency Portal is now Live!

5th November 2013

CDA has today launched a fully functional application to replace the pilot website created at the start of the year. The new site allows data managers to construct verifiable personal skill profiles for well and geophysical data management. Users who were registered on the pilot have had their profiles migrated to the new system. New users are very welcome.

Changes to the CMS Maps

21st October 2013

The changes to the actual text of the competency maps were fairly minor but the few significant changes to the maps were outlined in the user email that was sent to you on the 31st of October. This document (note: this document is a list of the changes to the competency maps not the maps themselves) is also available on request from These changes have not necessarily altered the competency requirements, simply clarified and tightened what is needed or the proof point for a given competency.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Launch

20th September 2013

We are currently undertaking UAT which is expected to last for another two weeks. The pilot system is in the process of being taken offline in anticipation of the final launch of the Competency Management System. When we have a definite date for launch an email will be sent out, it will be post here and also on the CDA website

Thank you for your continued support.


29th August 2013

One of the parallel activities to the Competency Mapping is for CDA to establish the level and nature of support of an independent professional society for data managers. We would be most grateful if you could please complete the survey launched today by using the link shown below as soon as you can - it will take no more than 10 minutes of your time.

Survey Monkey

Thank you very much in advance for your support.

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